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Get Rid Of Carpet Odor

When you decide to host events—like the time you reluctantly had Thanksgiving at your house with your in-laws or the parties for each beauty program your friend gets involved in, you start to notice every detail of your home.

You immediately start lighting candles and spraying air freshener all over the house. Although these remedies help for a bit, it is not what is going to keep your home fresh. For that, you shall need to call Surrey Carpet Repair.

Surrey Carpet Repair Odor Removal Services

Carpet odors can come from a variety of things, but at Surrey Carpet Repair, we know how to handle all of them. With enzyme injections, sprays that will feed on bacteria and sanitize your carpets, and topical disinfecting, Surrey Carpet Repair can tackle any carpet odor issue. We remove all bacteria as well as replace tack strips and padding, and disinfect subflooring and baseboards. Here are just a few carpet odors we treat:

  • Pet urine
  • Milk spills and odor
  • Mold and mildew
  • Wet padding from steam cleaning
  • Bacteria growth from spills
  • Untreated water damage
  • Moisture caused by humidity

Surrey Carpet Repair can also do fogging for smoke odors that come from house fires or cigarette smoke.

Call The Carpet Odor Removal Experts

Surrey Carpet Repair Services has been cleaning carpets since 2000 and has expert knowledge in ways to make your home fresh, clean, sanitized, and odor-free. Surrey Carpet Repair will inspect your home and determine which odor removal process your carpets will need. At Surrey Carpet Repair, we want each one of our customers satisfied with the quality of our work as well as completely satisfied in their homes, and we stand behind our work a hundred percent.

For more information about carpet odor removal, call your Surrey Carpet Repair Services Center today!