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Surrey Carpet Repair

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Cleaning and maintaining your carpets means more than just vacuuming and dusting the material. Keep your carpets looking clean longer than your professional carpet cleaning. We provide a carpet stain protection service for a stain-resistant in your home or business.

Carpeting experiences so much wear and tear over the years, everything from foot traffic to spills and stains. Without protection, the fibers of the carpet will wear out much sooner, causing the carpet to lose some of its aesthetic appeal as well. To keep the carpeting looking as good as new for as long as possible, most manufacturers will add a protective coating.

At Surrey Carpet Repair, we take these things seriously. Our organization is in the business of providing comprehensive cleaning services to residential and commercial spaces, including carpet cleaning services. Our carpet Stain removal service gives prolong life and also ensures that the carpet is spotless and stain free.

General carpet cleaners are a dime a dozen.

How it Works:

  • An inspection is organized and is part of our min call out.
  • During this inspection, we ask questions to identify the potential cause or source of the stains.
  • We also test the ability to remove the stain.

Types of carpet stain we can handle:

  • General soiling
  • Carpet food stains
  • Carpet drink
  • Red wine stain removal
  • Texta stains on the carpet
  • Glue and Chewing gum removal
  • Bloodstain and blood removal from carpet
  • Tea and Coffee stains on the carpet
  • Urine or Faeces stain on the carpet
  • Rust and furniture stains on the carpet
  • Iron burn removal on carpet
  • Cigarette burn on the carpet
  • Vomit stains on the carpet
  • Lipstick, crayons, makeup, Acne cream stains on the carpet
  • Hair dye removal on carpet
  • Wax or oil stains
  • Paint stain removal on carpet
  • Pesticide, atmosphere fuming
  • And many more types of stains

Our stain removal on carpet methods include:

  • Stain removal through our process
  • Stain removal by specialty chemistry and techniques
  • Stain removal through the use of stripping agent
  • Stain removal by color replacement injection
  • Stain removal via carpet surgery. By removing and replacing the affected area (Fusion bonding)