Carpet Re-stretching

Surrey Carpet Repair

Surrey Carpet Repair

Do Not Give Up On Your Bumpy Carpet Just Yet!

We all love the feeling of a soft fluffy carpet under our feet. But when it starts to bump or fold, it does not feel or look good! Bumps, folds, and buckles in your carpet are not just an eyesore. They can also cause you to stumble and fall. It can be a hazard to you, your kids, or your guests! They also wear out faster, so you might have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new carpet if you don’t get it fixed quickly.

We Can Stretch Out Your Bumpy Carpet and Make It Look Like New

Fortunately, you do not have to live with that unsightly bumpy carpet. Surrey Carpet Repair is your carpet stretching expert.

What is the Carpet Stretching Process?

Some people try to stretch their carpets on their own, but that’s a mistake. Surrey Carpet Repair has the expertise, experience, and know-how to stretch your carpet. So, it looks new again.

We use professional-grade stretching tools, including a power stretcher. We also check the tack strips to make sure they are secure, and we will even look at your carpet padding to make sure it is in good shape. It ensures that the carpet stays tight for years to come.

Our team also understands the importance of trimming the carpet professionally. At the same time, failing to take off enough leaves bumps and ripples in the carpet. We take off the proper amount, ensuring your carpet looks great.

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