Carpet Iron Burn Repairs

Surrey Carpet Repair

Surrey Carpet Repair

You may be surprised just how many people drop a hot iron onto a fitted carpet. Every day of the week lot of irons in hundreds of homes is dropped onto delicate fibers causing burn or scorch marks as a result.

Carpet Repair

If you have a damaged carpet, you can get it repaired cheaply but effectively and for a lot less than it would cost to replace it.

For over 20 years, we have been in the carpet business and have seen just about everything.

 We can expedite seamless repairs on the following carpet types:

  • Plush or velvet carpet
  • Random shear carpet
  • Frieze carpet styles
  • Cut-loop carpet

It is by no means an exhaustive list; carpet repair is a cost-effective alternative to carpet replacement. If you do not give us a call, we cannot tell you what the problem is or what the solution might be. Our experience is wide-ranging.

And we are here to show you proof that not only can we repair damaged carpets to look like new, but we will save you costs associated with a whole new carpet replacement. We will carry out the repairs at your home or commercial premises with little or no disruption to your lifestyle.

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